Heidelberg is an 8-part investigative series by Public Public Radio. It tells the untold story of Nazi demise, brought on by the espionage that took place in the Nazis’ theater-based POW Camp in Heidelberg, Germany in the summer of 1944. The report was spearheaded by PPR Senior Producer Elmer Ullengaard, whose grandmother, Mrs. Anna Ullengaard, was the primary Allied spy and hero in the camp. Through Mrs. Ullengaard’s diligent notes and audio recording, Elmer is able to play the role of narrator and finally make her story known.


Hunter Klein

Creator, Head Writer, Director, Co-Producer 
Klaus Schnoodlenoodle / Officer Schulze / Devin Trashcan

Hunter Klein is a Brooklyn-based writer and now-podcast-producer from Maplewood, NJ. A UCB-trained sketch writer and improviser, Hunter hails from Maplewood, NJ, but he now lives in Brooklyn, where he writes and produces podcasts now. As ⅓ of the sketch group “The Turtle Boys,” these days he considers himself a “Brooklyn-boy,” no longer a “Maplewood, NJ-boy,” but he still writes and now produces podcasts.

Damon Fabbo

Writer, Co-Producer
Milo Menken / Officer Fredericks / Dr. Spiro Rosebud / Mungo Titus / Gumbo Topdollar

Damon Fabbo is a writer, actor, and co-producer on Heidelberg. Damon has been involved in the project since its inception, when the script was for TV and Corporal Hamburgers was an Italian bricklayer with brothers Mario and Luigi. He is a UCB-trained sketch writer, and he has written and performed shows in Manhattan, Washington D.C., and Jersey City. He and Hunter have been writing together since their Friday Night Live years at Columbia High School and have been doing flawless German accents ever since.

Evan Walter

Elmer Ullengaard

Evan is an LA based comedy writer and NPR addict. He was trained at The UCB Theater in NYC and you can see his ~viral~ videos on TikTok (@evanwalter_).

Robert Johnston

Herman Hamburgers / Felix Schnoodlenoodle / Stewart Menzies / Shalcolm Schmadwell

Robert Johnston is a proud member of AEA, a writer, an improviser, and a comedian. At least, he was, before everything caught on fire and his dreams died along with everyone else’s.

Canning Robb

Ilsa Von Hammerstein / Mademoiselle Ernestine / Joanna Marmalade / Margo Jenet

Canning Robb is an actor, comedian, and writer from New York City. After graduating from Brown University, she performed Off-Broadway, at UCB, and at the PIT, back when theatre was live. In addition, she’s been featured in several films, shorts, and webseries. Please visit www.canningrobb.com for more examples of her work.

Isaiah Seward

Maximilian Epstein / Tippy Waxman / Officer Hummels

Isaiah Seward is a well-rounded performer, actor, and musician. He has independently released four albums, toured internationally, and has performed with well respected artists in the music industry. His career highlights as an actor range from roles in theater productions, to independent and short films, as well as appearances on some of television's top shows. www.isaiahseward.com

Claire Hempsey

Grandma Ullengaard / Leni Riefenstahl / Lady Tinnerman

Claire Hampsey is an actor, writer, and improviser. She studied improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and was a member of the Scared Scriptless improv troupe at the University of Connecticut. When she isn’t acting silly on stage or behind the microphone, she can usually be found running. From what? No one is quite sure.

Mark Yearick

Carter Newport / Officer Wilhelm / Officer Heinze

Mark Yearick is an actor and American on Heidelberg from Maplewood, NJ. A man oft-described as having “too much energy,” he is at once the heart and soul and sickness and death of the Turtle Boys. In his free time, Mark loves frantically hopping from idea to idea and refusing direction. He played soccer at Gettysburg, where he took home the Men’s Soccer Team’s 2012 Most Improved Award.

Shaun McConoughey

Officer Muller / Stefan SchnoodleNoodle / Officer Wagner / Martin McMillan Marmalade / Rufus Humbug

Shaun McConoughey is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker originally from Charlotte, NC now living in New York City. He played baseball for way too much of his life, eventually walking away from the game in college. He studied improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and performed at venues across the city before they all shut down.

Josh Kesner

Officer Zimmerman / Heinrich Himmler

Josh is a writer and actor on Heidelberg. He’s the self-proclaimed “bad boy” of the Turtle Boys, with a self-proclaimed “unusual beginning.” He enjoys being kicked out of cemeteries for claiming he can hear faint scratching and pleading from inside the coffins, and he’s a good bowler.

Jeremy Gurvits 


Writer and actor. Never been to Oregon. This is a haiku.

Josh Wilcox

Lead Engineer of Production
Adolf Hitler

Josh Wilcox is the lead engineer and manager of Brooklyn Podcasting Studio. He's what you could call a “jack of all trades” when it comes to audio. He's recorded, mixed, and mastered music for very well-known artists and has produced his own music, which has played on radio stations and TV shows. More recently, he is the producer, editor, and mixer of a very popular podcast called The Human Experience.

Casey Straughn

Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, and Craft Service

Casey was affectionately called the “Straugh that stirs the drink” in retrospect, but she should’ve been called that at the time, as well, because that’s good. Without Casey, nothing would get done - other than the actual writing and voice-acting, she is involved in every single facet of production. In her spare time, Casey likes to work full-time as the Director of Operations at Lela Rose, an NYC-based luxury fashion brand. She hails from Mobile, Alabama, where she misses her six dogs.

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